DJ Software

    Got a new client that is in the music industry and am excited about working with them. There main request  is to have software for being a DJ, and creating music is on agenda.

 The DJ software we are using is called Mixxx. As with all the software on this blog it run natively on many GNU/Linux distributions, but comes pre installed on Ubuntu Studio.

    Mixxx works with vinyl records and digital turntables, and it just wouldn't be useable if we couldn't use our turntables. It was really easy to get our specific turntable to work. We are using the Ion Discover DJ. It didn't work right away, and got it to work by opening the synaptic package manager and searching the phrase "USB MIDI" and installed the firmware package that came out of the result. After that Mixxx mix was able to see the turntable and we are able to tweak the setting to our liking.

     Will post an update on how it is working out for shows, and post it as a review of the software.