Blender 2.5 Norman Rig

    Today was pleased to find on Vimeo an overview and manual for the newly released Blender 2.5 Norman Rig. With this being my 1st experience with a rig, am blown away by how easy it is to pose and animate him. These two videos should be enough to get started playing with and customizing the rig.

    Norman is a Maya puppet built unofficially for the Academy of Art University Pixar classes. Since those classes disbanded, they decided he should finally be set loose. Anyone is allowed to freely use the rig for non-commercial purposes, and to edit him and pass him along to your heart's content (which is why we now see it on Blender). 

    To get a feel with what can be done with a rig, below is a video demonstrating what students have put together with Norman.

Happy Blending ^_^

27 Blender Creations

    A long time user of Blender and writer at BlenderArtist has put together a web page with animations created with Blender by the community over the years. Watching them should inspire everyone to keep creating awesome videos cause Blender just keeps improving and has a feature set that is to long to list. My favorite video of the bunch is directed by Junichi Yamamoto and is called Memory. 

    Link to 27 inspirational and jaw dropping Blender videos @