OpenShot Video Editor is an open-source, non-linear video editor for Linux, built with Python, GTK, and the MLT Framework. The project was started in August 2008 by Jonathan Thomas, with the objective to provide a stable, free, and friendly to use video editor.

    OpenShot has many amazing features, a couple of the latest features are the option to upload the project to the internet and 3d animated text. Users can upload there finished product to Vimeoh and Youtube. The 3d text comes from accessing Blender (3d modelling program) though python scripts. The animations to choose from are excellent and customisable. More will come as more users find out, create their own and share them with the community.

3D Animated Titles in OpenShot! from Jonathan Thomas on Vimeo.
(out now)

Features quoted from the site:

OpenShot 1.2 Highlights from Jonathan Thomas on Vimeo.

     Expect many more posts on OpenShot, seeing as the owner of this blog is a developer for the OpenShot Video Editor at This software is being used for creating Anime Music Videos on Linux. For some AMV goto AMV Relish

    This blog was created in order to keep track of the Open Source Software that is useful to me, and hopefully to the readers. :)