More and more open source projects are sprouting into existence, and they are not just software projects they are hardware and educational resources as well. The ChronoZoom project is an HTML5 piece of software but is more then that, it is a new way to browse, learn and contribute to a wealth of knowledge. Even though it runs o the Azure platform this looks like a cool project, hope it gains momentum quickly.

ars technica - ChronoZoom takes you through 14 billion years of space-time

Click this link to open chronozoom, at the top left corner there is a film-strip icon, click it to show the introduction tab and select with or without audio  - if the link doesn't work in Internet Explorer (your version is out of date), it will work in google Chrome, as well as Firefox 10.x and up.
The code is hosted on codeplex @

    The project is described as "an open source community project dedicated to visualizing the history of everything to bridge the gap between the humanities and sciences using the story of Big History to easily understand all this information."

    "With ChronoZoom," Saekow told Ars, "you can browse history, rather than digging it out piece by piece. Also, today with [fewer and fewer] students visiting the library, the serendipity of browsing for a book and finding another is something we hope ChronoZoom can restore. If you don't know what to search for, it's almost like that topic never existed."
Now comes the time in the project's development where open source comes into its own.
    "We envision a world where scientists, researchers, students, and teachers collaborate through ChronoZoom to share information via data, tours, and insight," the ChronoZoom team writes. "Imagine a world where the leading academics publish their findings to the world in a manner that can easily be accessed and compared to other data. We will be focusing on community development of features, capabilities, and content."